Thomas Vaucher






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Power Battle Vol. 2


CD 1:
Avalon - Burning Souls
Bastard - The Tide is Changing
Chinchilla - Hill of secret
Clashing Blade - Evil Dreams of Darkness
Critical State - The Monument
Draconian - Far Away
Emerald - Battlefield
Goddess of Desire - Warlust metal Knights
Gorgons Eyes - Valhalla
Invictus - Destructor
Living Daylight - Götterdämmerung
Lunacy - Fairytales from Roswell
Maeve of Cnnacht - Broken Memory
Mystic Prophecy - Sky's Burning

CD 2:
No Sissy Stuff - Empty
Noplies - Follow the rainbow
R.I.P.D. - Memories
Re-Vision - Downfall
Savallion Dawn - Black Skies
Seven Seals - Janus
Sunblaze - Sunblaze
Testosterone Overload - Dirty Freak Power Ride
The Hellboys - Fu Manchu's Little Helper
Thunderwork - It's all the same to me
Tyrant Eyes - Night of Defender
Valley's Eve - The Fire Burns
Witness of Reality - Engraved in my skin
Wolverine - More than grief

T. Vaucher / Music, Lyrics and Keyboards on track 7

Label: OTR Productions, Germany