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Holy Sword Vol. 1

Tracklist of the media files:
Antares - Survive from Demo CD 2000
Arryan Path - Piri Reis
Battleroar - Dragonship
Battleroar - Morituri Te Salutant
Born Of Fire - Fire And Brimstone
J.D. Bradshaw - Beltane
Breaker - Wait For The Night
Crystal Tears - My Storm Will Prevail
Denial Price - Gloria Dei
Disarm Goliath - Armed To The Teeth
Dreadline - Trust No One
Dream Weaver - Destiny Dreamer
Dream Weaver - Bright Fading Past
Elixir - Treachery (Ride Like The Wind)
Emerald - Forever Free
Emerald - Shadowknight

Ens Cogitans - Fire
Epica - Entangled
Fireaxe - Hounds Of Tindalos
Four Seasons - Attack
Hanker - Ad Patres
Horizon's End - Dividing Vanity (edit)
Ion Vein - Here Today Gone Tomorrow
Majesty - Hail To Majesty
Mutiny - Changing Seasons
MX - Fly With Me Tonight
Mystery - Broken Sword
Paul Nelson - Full Blast
Nemesis - Search For Immortality
Powerstorm - On My Side
Premonition - We Are Metal
Premonition - Elizabeth
Raging Storm - The Last Stand
Raging Storm - The Warrior
Reflections Revert - A Requiem To Artistry?
Sonheillon - Eternal Fire
Stainless Steel - The Mission
Stendor - The Fall
Tornado - Coming Of The King
Twisted Tower Dire - Final Stand
Twisted Tower Dire - When The Daylight Fades
Under Forge - Tomorrow Waits
Valhalla (USA) - Valhalla
Vortex - Open The Gate
Winterhawk - Hammer And The Axe
Wolfcry - Sons Of Gods
Wotan - Dark Centuries
Wotan - King Of Crows
Ziras, Theodore - Future Memories

T. Vaucher / Keyboards on track 15 and 16

Label: Holy Sword